Community centre insurance case studies – see how we have helped community centres save money

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community centre insurance case studies

We can help community centres save money on their insurances in a variety of different ways.

Below are two real-life examples showing how we recently helped community centres in the UK save £7,000 and £1,700 on their premiums respectively.

If you would like to see how much we could help your community centre save, email us on or request a callback:

Community Arts Centre

We were approached by a community arts centre to carry out a full review of their insurance policy as they were not sure they had the correct level of cover in place and felt they were over-paying for their current policy.

The charity owns a large building which is expensive to insure, but they felt with the right advice and guidance they could reduce their premiums.

What we did...

  • We built a bespoke insurance policy, utilising our excellent relationships with various insurers to split different parts of the insurance policy out – meaning that as well as providing wider insurance cover we were also able to reduce the premium. 
  • We also removed all commission from the policy and charged a flat fee – providing greater clarity to the charity in terms of the value we were adding.

As a result, we reduced the community centre’s premium by more than £7,000

Community Centre - offering Early Years learning, mental health services & local community activities

This community centre had been with their previous broker for over 10 years without looking for alternative quotes at renewal.

As a result, there had not been a thorough review of their policy for quite some time and the charity were not aware of the different services another broker could provide.

We were approached to carry out an in-depth review of the charity’s current insurance arrangements and asked to quote on a like-for-like basis.

What we did...

  • On a ‘like-for-like’ basis we were significantly cheaper, however, following our review of the charity’s insurance portfolio we felt we could not offer the quote as we had identified a number of areas where they were exposed and had no cover in place.
  • We therefore simplified their insurance policy and put all the cover in one place, clearly identifying where the different risks were insured within the quote.
  • We also increased the levels of cover where required and made sure that all the activities that take place in the community centre were covered and accepted by the insurer.

As a result, we reduced the community centre’s premium by more than £1,700

How much could we save your community centre?

To find out how we could help your organisation save money and get the cover you need, email us on or request a call back:

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