Community and Hospital Radio Insurance

Specialist insurance for voluntary-run radio stations. Get a quote online for equipment cover, public liability, employers’ liability and more.

What insurance might Community & Hospital radio stations need?

Community and hospital radio is a great way to support, inform and entertain the local community as well as being a useful communication channel for charities, voluntary organisations and community groups. As such, they form a vital part of the charity sector.

We offer a range of insurance covers that are suitable for voluntary and community radio stations, including cover for recording equipment, public liability, employers’ liability, trustee indemnity and much more.

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Typical key risks could include

  • Contents insurance for the recording equipment owned by the group, such as microphones, mixing desks, laptops etc.
  • Public Liability insurance is important if you lease the building or recording studio, as it can cover you for any damage you may cause. Also, if you have visitors/guests in the studio this can provide cover if they are injured or their property is damaged during their visit.
  • If your organisation employs anyone, or benefits from volunteers, then Employers’ Liability insurance can provide cover if any of them make an injury claim against your organisation
  • Trustee’s Indemnity insurance can provide cover for your trustees if they are the subject of a legal claim or investigation under their role

How we protect your organisation

When you are running any type of not for profit organisation it is important to have the correct type of cover in place.

BHIB Charities Insurance policies can include:

Additional cover includes:

Other insurance to consider

This can cover legal claims made against your charity or organisation by a claimant who alleges they have suffered a loss due to your actions.

For Community and Hospital radio, this could be as a result of alleged defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights, for example.

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With many charities and not for profits relying more and more on technology and data to operate effectively, there is a growing need for cyber insurance to protect against a new and unique set of risks.

These risks can include both external and internal threats – whether it is a member of staff making a mistake, your systems being hit with a virus or a hacker attacking your network and stealing sensitive data, charities and voluntary organisations are not immune to disruptive and potentially damaging cyber threats.

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Buildings insurance can protect your charity or organisation against physical risks to your property, such as fire, forced entry and flood. This means your organisation won’t be stuck with big repair bills and any disruption to your charity work can be mitigated.

Not all charities or voluntary organisations will require buildings insurance, so it is a good idea to make sure you know what your legal obligations are before buying a policy.

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