COVID-19 – Reopening risk assessments and guides for charities

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COVID-19 risk assessments guides for charities

With much of the UK set to reopen over the coming months following the government’s ‘Roadmap out of lockdown’ timetable, we have developed a series of risk assessments and guides to help charities, voluntary organisations and community groups.

Our risk assessments, which are available to download for free, cover everything you need to reopen your workplaces, buildings, libraries and community centres.

If you require any further information or specific risk management advice, you can contact our team here.

COVID-19 – Reopening risk assessments for charities

Reopening your Community Centre after COVID-19 – Risk Assessment Templates

For reopening community centres, we have a dedicated checklist which lists some of the key issues that charities and voluntary organisations should consider prior to reopening. This will help charities and community groups review their internal policies, risk assessments and safe systems of work to make sure they are still relevant, as well as ensure the charity has considered how staff and volunteers will return to work safely.

Reopening your Library after COVID-19 – Risk Assessment Templates

This risk assessment aims to support libraries in getting their services back up and running. It is not likely to cover all scenarios and each organisation should consider their own unique circumstances.

Much more specific assessments may look quite different although many of the principles will still be relevant.

Reopening charities after COVID-19 – risk assessments for returning to work and reopening buildings

To help charities and voluntary organisations with this process, we have put together the below risk assessment documents. There is a ‘generic’ risk assessment document detailing an actionable plan for dealing with the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace, as well as a more specific Charity Recovery and Reopening Risk Assessment.

COVID-19 – Guides and resources for charities

Temporary Unoccupied Buildings Guidance for Charities

Whether they are temporarily or permanently closed during this period of uncertainty, your unoccupied buildings can be at greater risk of damage from arson, theft, escape of water, vandalism and more.

Here we have provided some general advice and guidance to help charities and voluntary organisations keep their temporarily unoccupied buildings safe.

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Virtual meetings: Risk management guidance for charities and voluntary organisations

For those still required to hold meetings virtually, we have a detailed guide on using popular video conferencing services and provided more information regarding their safety and privacy concerns.

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Coronavirus action plan for charities

We have also put together a list of considerations, free resources and offers for charities during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes advice on government assistance, funding opportunities, insurance considerations and more.

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